Adepticon Doubles Forces

Here will be listed and updated with the players/teams names and their faction decisions.

At the Adepticon doubles event we strive for themed missions, reasonable force make ups, and historical roots.

As folks register at the Adepticon Website, we will encourage them to post up here with their choice of sides to better encourage an even balance of Allied and Axis teams.

Below is some of the theme scoring rubrics, just to help folks when considering unit selection and force make up. The doubles event is meant to be very, very theme oriented and historical. 

Time Period- coherent selection of units, not cherry picked from different eras of the war. (A panther tank with blitzkrieg germans, 1939)
Historic accuracy- weapons, vehicles, and equip. are reasonably combined and not exploited for in game effectiveness.
Army morale-Individual army uses a realistic choice of morale levels for all units in the army
Special-Background info provided, or army is great representation
Balanced force-Armies use balanced selection of unit types that would be a realistic army composition

Allied Teams

1. Stewart/Dexter
2. Verticchio/Thompson
3. Pat/Jesse
4. Lonas/Harvat
5. Blake/Josh
6. Derek and Son
7. Pawl and Miller
8. Cone and Kuehni
9. Sean Connery/Michael Caine
10. Hamrin/DuMontelle

Axis Teams

1.Olsen/Van Hese
3. Rick/Jeff
5. Zoldak/Halberg
6. Aaron and Kyle
7. Rob and Chris
8. Tony/AJ
9. Pollert/Reimers
10. Abe/Adam
11. Hayes Brothers
12. Horst/Sickler


  1. Hello, I just registered myself and teammate (very smooth this year) - Rick/Jeff and we're playing Axis side. Germans and the French.

    1. I would assume this is a vichy french list? Please email me at

      to further discuss this list. I would need some theme and back story to support this alliance.

  2. salutation, I also just registered for this tourney - Pat/Jesse for the allies, Brits and Bears!

  3. German and French Axis?? that late war french? We are signed up as well Sean/Ryan Axis Germans and the Finnish

  4. Tim Lonas and myself (Bill Harvat) have registered and we are playing Allied. I will be playing my Polish II Corps and Tim is bringing Russians. We may just shoot each other in the back the entire time for historical accuracy. But it's going to be fun either way.

  5. We are signed up for the Allies. Aussies/US Marines for Blake and Josh

  6. Double Japanese Saipan Theme Rob and Chris

  7. hello just want to give you guys are list combo. Herr/fallchirmjager Abe/Adam

    1. I wanted to check in Abe, are you guys still planning on attending? if so could you email me army list ASAP.


  8. Hamrin/DuMontelle are in for Axis.

    If, on the day, you need us to be Allies let us know.

    1. ... and by Axis I mean Hungarians and Germans!

  9. Chris Pawl (ticket holder) and Ryan Miller. Well be Allied (American/Soviet)

  10. Ben Cone and Brian Kuehni (Team Wiscodice) are playing allies (US/US).

  11. Romanick/Brooks as Sean Connery/Michael Cain

    Pollert/Reimers IJA

  12. Tony and AJ will be IJA/German axis team. Thunder in Paradise if you need team names

  13. I guess we designed more of a what if force. Let me know if this is a problem

  14. Hey Chef, I just registered but it put me on a wait list. My partner and I are willing to do allies

    1. thanks Joe and Steve, let me know if you get on the list and we will write it on

    2. we had some spots open, please check your email if you have been called up! if so, email lists to

  15. Hello, Charlie and I were just invited to join in for the doubles. We're beinging Italians and Germans. See you all in a few short dsys,



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